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Did Pharaoh ever wonder why Moses had so many names for his God? God. Lord. God, the Lord. God, the Lord of the Jews. etc.

We can sit and study the text and theorize why Moses used certain appellations at certain times.
Pharaoh did not have that luxury; he had conversations with Moshe, and not very long conversations, certainly not long enough to stroke his Pharaonic beard as he contemplated; “Why did Moses use that name for God?”

Did Moses want to confuse Pharaoh, “throw him off”, as they say? Perhaps this was part of the strategy to strengthen and harden Pharaoh’s heart. Who is this God? What is this God? What do His followers believe? Does Moshe even know what Israel believes? He grew up in my house. He doesn’t know the people. They don’t even like him.

Does Moshe know what HE believes?
A hint, perhaps, of the thoughts swimming in Pharaoh’s head.

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