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Nachamu-Nachamu – The Path Forward – Week 4 Part 3 Unedited

Nachamu Nachamu
Haftaras Shofteem
Week #4
Part 3
Hashem’s Nechama
● There always has to be beauty in what is spoken in the negative Toras Hamincha Rabeinu Yaakov Sakili
● Hashem gave us the three gifts to master who you are, “Mi At”, Mitzvot, Middot, Sechel, moist earth, earth and sun , a solid environment to not get caught in the eye of the storms, confusion and fears. Toras Hamincha Rabeinu Yaakov Sakili
● To be afraid of a physical thing or being is to forget Hashem (Rabeinu B’chaya”
● Worlds open up and you will no longer be blocked. (Berachot 57a:14))
● Live the Psukim as a form of Consolation (Rav Yaakov Weinberg, Z”tz)
● “”Mi At” became I knew that whatever way I was given to me was the way to go” Rabbi Simcha Weinberg, neiro yair
● Hashem made the storms, so Hashem can remove them and he gives us the key with Torah (Kad Hakemach)
● We have the ability to be a vessel of the words of Torah

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