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Nachamu-Nachamu – The Path Forward – Week 2 Part 1

Nachamu Nachamu



Haftara of Parshas Eikev

Week #2 of “Shiva D’Nechamasa”, Part 1.



Nechama From Hashem.

  • I hear your suffering.
  • Study the two people, Avraham and Sara who triggered our relationship with Hashem.
  • Pursue righteousness by being seekers of Hashem to flip the service of suffering to one of Joy, happiness, and thanksgiving.


When I listen to some people speak about the Aveiros that led to the Churban Bayis, and how we have to do Teshuvah to address them and other challenges; I actually hear that method as “anti” Nechama (Comfort) – meaning this approach does not feel comforting.



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