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Nachamu-Nachamu – The Path Forward – Week 3 Part 2


Nachamu, Nachamu
Haftara of Parshat Re-eh
Week #3 of “Shiva D’Nechamasa”, Part 2
Nechama from HaShem:
● The ability to process the positive and negative storms through HaShem’s special gifts of “twenty-four and more”.
This part of the Third Haftara is about “The Inconsolable Storm”
The Inconsolable Storm?
Isaiah 54:11
עֲנִיָָּ֥ה סֹֽעֲֹרָָ֖ה לֹ֣א נֻחָָ֑מָה הִנֵּ֨ ה אָנכִִֹ֜י מַרְבִִּ֚יץ בַפּוּךְ֙ אֲבָנַַ֔יִך וִיֹֽסַדְתִָ֖יך בסַפִּירִֹֽים
O afflicted storm-buffeted, inconsolable one. Behold I shall lay your floor stones upon your pearls, and your foundation of sapphires.


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