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Shabbat Prayers; Mussaf: Iyun Tefillah: A Higher Rest

The 4th of Nisan is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Yaakov Tzvi Mecklenberg, author of HaKesav Vehakabala and Iyun Tefillah (1785-1865).


“Our Lord and the Lord of our forefathers, may You be pleased now with our rest.” When a person is consumed with mundane worries, such as making a living, he cannot toil in Torah as he should, neither can he focus on his Service of God. He cannot examine his actions, speech and thoughts as he should. On this day of rest, we request that God grant us rest; rest from distraction; rest from worry;  rest from things that limit our ability to focus on our spiritual lives. (Iyun Tefillah)

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