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Taking It With You-Moshe-Repairing Noach

There are two types of people who serve God. One serves God with great intensity, but remains by himself and does not attempt to bring others to serve the Creator. Such a person feels that it is enough if he himself worships God.


There is another type of person, however, who serves God, but also works to bring others to serve Him. Such a person emulates Abraham, who introduced people to believe in God.

We find in the writings of the Ari that Noah was punished because he did not try to correct the people of his generation. He was therefore reborn as Moses, and it was for this reason that Moses constantly worked to correct all Israel (Shaar HaPesukim, Bereishit 6).

Our sages speak of one who is “Good to heaven and good to people (Kiddushin 40a).” This refers to the person who serves God, but who also tries to bring the irreligious to serve Him. He is “good to heaven,” because he serves God, but he is also, “good to people,” because he brings them to serve the Creator.

Noah, however, did not work to bring others to serve God. The Torah therefore states that, “Noah walked with God (Genesis 6:9).” This means that Noah walked only with God. He served God by himself, and did not walk with other people, trying to bring them closer to God, so that they too should be counted among those who serve Him. (Kedushat Levi, Noah)

“May it be Your will, God, our Lord and the Lord of our forefathers, that we observe Your decrees in This World, and merit that we lived and see and inherit goodness and blessing in the years of Messianic times and for the life of the World to Come.” We pray for all of us to live in the proper manner, reminding ourselves of our responsibility to emulate Abraham and Moses to serve God by being “Good to Heaven,” and, “Good to People,” by inspiring others to attach to the Creator.

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