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Biblical Personalities-Moshe-Rectifying with Knowledge

The entire universe is a complete structure, corresponding to the human form, Partzuf. This is the mystery of the parallel between “universe, year and soul.” Every detail that exists in the individual person also exists in the human race as a whole.


Man consists of body and soul. The same is true of each city, and nation. The leader is the soul, and the people are the body.

It is written, “This is the generation, its preachers (Psalms 24:6).” Our sages interpret this to teach that, “the generation follows its preachers, and the preachers are according to the generation (Arachin 17a).” If the soul is pure and lucid, the body is the same. If the soul is turbid, the body is not pure. The same is true in the converse situation where the body influences the soul.

Moses embodied the mystery of Knowledge for his generation. They were therefore also the, “Generation of Knowledge (Bamidbar Rabbah 19:3).” The same is true of every generation.

When a person wants to rectify things in general, he must first rectify the particular. The first thing that he must rectify must be himself, transforming his body into soul. Those who are included in him will then automatically be aroused and motivated to repent. He will then be able to rectify his entire generation, making its body into soul. (Toledot Yaakov Yosef, Kedoshim)

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