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Moshe and Purim Part Three

Transcribed and prepared by Anna Beller: The question is we have to look at the failures of Moshe Rabbeinu to understand what the strengths of Amalek are. If Haman is convinced that the death of Moshe is an auspicious sign for his success it means that whatever led to the death of Moshe leads to the victory of Amalek. So if we look at what the Gemara, Chazal and sages have taught us are the reasons for the failures of Moshe Rabbeinu, or his death, we can begin to understand where the strength of Amalek is and perhaps have a better idea of how to battle Amalek.


There are a number of times that Moshe Rabbeinu was told he would not be leading the Jewish people into Israel. The most famous one of course was when he hit the rock instead of talking to it.

Now keep in mind for later, that talking plays a significant role in the story of Purim because, language plays a significant role. How? Why does Achaveirosh feel obligated to Mordechai? Mordechai saved his life. How did Mordechai save his life? When he reported Bigtan and Teresh’s assassination plot to Esther. Every time an announcement  goes out in the Megilah what does it say? Every nation, every country in its language, language is stressed. When Achashveirosh sends out an announcement about how a husband should rule his house, what is his example of how a husband should rule his house? U ledaber kilshon amo- a husband can speak whatever language he wants.

This is idiotic, why does the king have to send out an announcement that a husband can speak whatever language he wants? So language plays a significant role in the story.

Where does the story happen? What period of Jewish exile does this happen? Its called Galuth Babel, the Babylonian exile. What happened in Babel? All the languages were mixed together. By the way Babel is the land of mixture, because before the land was called Babel it was called, Shinar. Sham minaru miteh mabul– all the people who were killed in the flood were dropped and buried there. So it’s a place of mixture, mixture has a tremendous amount to do with Purim- but this is just a tangent.

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