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Moshe 6: Every Generation

“No generation is without someone like Moses.” (Bereishit Rabbah 56:7)

Although it has been thousands of years since Moshe taught us live, the Midrash reminds us, that when we learn we can connect directly with Moshe. He “lives” in every generation.


We do not know which of the teachers or leaders of Israel has the spark of Moshe. We do not even know if it is one of the recognized teachers. The Midrash is not telling us to define who, in our generation, contains the spark of Moshe, within him.

The Midrash is teaching us to imagine the experience of having Moshe as the official leader of Israel. We would always have the sense of security that there is an answer, a clear and direct answer, to each and every question. There would never be a sense of struggling with the impossible. No one would ever feel that there is no one to answer his questions. Simply the presence of Moshe provided the security that there are answers for every question.

Although it is difficult to find answers to some of our questions, very important questions, the Midrash is teaching us that enough of Moshe is always present to provide us with the security that there are answers to all our questions. (Machberes Avodas Hashem)

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