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Moses The Builder

I’m sitting in my sukkah despite it being soaked; there’s no way I would miss a visit from Moses. I cleaned up as well as I could, after all, this is the man who supervised the construction of the Mishkan. He had the Ultimate Architect, an awesome foreman/artist in Betzalel, unlimited supplies, and a huge team of workers. I, well, suffice it to say that my sukkah was constructed by someone who still believes in the Maginot Line! I have all my excuses ready if my visitor will be disappointed in my construction project. I admit that I prefer to keep the conversation focused on the failings of my little sukkah than to be tested by Moses. So, here goes!

I sing my invitation to Moses, and he quickly appears, sits down, slowly looks around, stares up for a few moments at my s’chach, and, smiles. “I see that I did a good job,” he comments. I stare openmouthed at him, happy that he considers my sukkah a “good job,” but wondering why he would take credit for my Leaning Tower of Canvas.

I wait for our great teacher to speak. “You’re the one who believes that the Mishkan serves a greater purpose than the Temple in Jerusalem, are you not?”

“Yes, Rebbi, I am.”


“I believe that the Mishkan allows us to create holy spaces wherever we are; create a Temple environment even while in exile.”

“Exactly,” he says, “what I constructed, the Mishkan, is eternal, and it is what helped you create a holy space even in this horribly constructed sukkah! I can say, looking at your sukkah, that I did a good job.”

I smile.

“Rebbi, may I ask a question?”

“Of course.”

“How did Rebbi accomplish that sense of the eternal in the Mishkan?”

“When the project was finished I blessed the people in two ways: ‘May the pleasantness of my Master, our Lord, be upon us, and may He establish our handiwork for us (Psalm 90).’ I taught them to have God as a partner in every action so that He would find our handiwork as a source of pleasantness, or Nachas. I then blessed them, ‘May you always have the desire for God to dwell among you,’ it’s only a matter of how much you desire God’s Presence in everything you do.”

Moses gave me a serious look and asked, “What have you done that will have eternal effect?”

I stop smiling.

“I believe that I have taught people to think on their own, to study your Torah as if you are speaking directly to them.”

“You are building thinkers; the most significant building project of all. Do more.” And, he left.

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