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Amidah-Moses-Fifty Gates of Understanding

The 7th of Adar is the Yahrtzeit of Moshe Rabbeinu: The Talmud teaches us that, “Fifty Gates of Understanding less one were given to Moses (Rosh Hashanah 21b).” My master, the Baal Shem Tov, gave the following reason why: Moses was only given 49 Gates of Wisdom and not 50. The Fiftieth Gate already belongs to the next set, and is therefore the First Gate of the next fifty. This continues higher and higher, without end.


The Fiftieth Gate of Understanding is therefore like the Jubilee Year, which is included in both the previous and the ensuing Jubilees (Rosh Hashanah 9a). [Toledot Yaakov Yosef, Devarim)

“Endow us graciously from Yourself with wisdom, insight, and knowledge.” We pray with the awareness that it is possible for a human being to access 49 of the 50 Gates of Wisdom.

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