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Morning Blessings: May it be Your Will

One of the most common phrases in our daily prayer is, “May it be Your will.” The Abudirham teaches that this phrase is based on the verse, “Who finds a wife, finds a good thing and wins favor from God (Proverbs 18:22).”


The Gra, as understood by the Altar of Alter of Kelm, explains this verse as a series of stages: One who “finds a woman,” meaning, has refined his personal character so that he knows how to relate to and fully appreciate his wife, will then, “find good,” meaning, find his way in Torah. “Wins favor from God,” through his prayer.

This would imply that when we arrive at the phrase “May it be Your will,” we have addressed our character development and our relationship with Torah. We cannot approach this phrase in a vacuum. We must recite this phrase after having reflected on refining our character, and using our personal development to enhance our relationship with Torah.

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