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Morning Blessings: Divrei Binah: Not Our Righteousness

“Always let a person be God fearing privately and publicly, acknowledge the truth, speak the truth within his heart, and arise early and proclaim: Master of all worlds and Lord of all lords! Not in the merit of our righteousness do we cast our supplications before You, but in the merit of Your abundant mercy.”


“Not in the merit of our righteousness,” for the basic idea behind creation was that we should be able to bring Divine Abundance down into the world by creating pipes through our observance of the mitzvot. However, we stand before God having failed in that mission, we do not stand in the righteousness of those who have successfully created sufficient pipes of Divine Abundance. We acknowledge that although we have performed mitzvot, we have not done them in the way that would allow this Abundance to flow. We have not become nurturers of Abundance. We have not served as Tzaddikim, life nurturers.

And yet, here we stand before God in prayer, requesting the flow of Divine Abundance, so it is especially at this time when we acknowledge this failure.

The emphasis should not be on the failure, but on our commitment to improve and become life nurturers. (Divrei Binah, Bo)

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