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Mizmor Shir Chanukat Habayit Introduction

Expressions of Love: God gives us credit for our intentions and allows those intentions to work for us, even if we never manage to carry them out. David intended to build the Temple but was told by the prophet to stop. This psalm was composed as if he succeeded.



We recite King David’s feelings about prayer as a meta-prayer; a prayer for the prayers we are about to recite. We pray that we will be able to pray well.


We also remind ourselves that the simple effort to pray has an impact, even if we do not pray all that well.


These are the important tools derived from the Pesukei D’Zimrah. They were designed to help us create a happy and productive day for ourselves. Many are so obvious that we tend to take them for granted and forget that they are necessary to practice with consciousness:


Please remember to practice only one set pf tools at a time. You can find how these tools are derived from the prayers in the Commentary.


Tool Box


God as the “Conductor” has a different appreciation of our contribution to His creation.


Recite these songs of praise in a way that will stimulate an Inner Response.


Intentions matter.

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