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Mizmor Shir Chanukat Habayit 2

Is there a way to strengthen our Prayer? The Midrash continues: “Hence, whenever a person suffers for a cause, it is called by his name. We find that this was true for Moses. He suffered grief

for the Law as it is written: ‘He was there with the Lord for forty days and forty nights. He did neither drink bread or drink water…’ and the Law came to be called by his name, as it is written, ‘Remember the Law of Moses…’ It was also true of David. He suffered grief for the Sanctuary having sat forsaken in the dust of the earth, as it is written, ‘Surely I will knock him into the tent of my house, I will not give sleep to my eyes till I find the place of the Lord…’ The Sanctuary was called by his name, as it is written, ‘A psalm – a song for the dedication of the House of David.’

In other words, there is a simple way to make the prayer yours – to work for it, to suffer a little for it. The more work you put into it, that prayer is yours


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