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Mizmor Shir Chanukat Habayit 1: Chanukah

The Chanukah custom is to recite Psalm 30 each morning at the conslusion of prayers. We offer some insights into this important Psalm: “Rabbi Huna taught: “I have regarded iniquity by

my tent, the Lord would not hear.” In this verse, David meant that whenever he considered doing a good deed, even though he had not been able to do it, The Holy One Blessed be He credited him as if he had done it.” David but considered starting the building of the Sanctuary and though he was unable to build it, its dedication was written in his name. For it is written, “A psalm – a song for the dedication of the House of David.”

Why do you say this at the beginning of prayer? Because hopefully with the beginning of prayer, one has the energy and the thoughts that “today I will pray with awareness.” The commentaries say that this is all a person needs for an effective supplication. Based on this Midrash, all you need to say is, “Today I’m going to do it right.” Even if you don’t finish your prayers with a high level of awareness, the prayer will be considered effective. This psalm reminds us that God looks at our intentions, and allows those intentions to work for us, even if they don’t pan out later.


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