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Mizmor L’Todah: Introduction: Humble Gratitude

Mizmor L’Todah


A Psalm of Thanksgiving


Humble Gratitude


It takes skill, thought and consideration to properly thank someone. The words should accurately reflect the kindness we received. We must consider the effort of the benefactor, his attention and care. “Thank you for everything,” is no thank you at all. It is proper to acknowledge the details of the favor done. Our gratitude should not be exaggerated, nor should it be understated. We want the other to appreciate the degree of our gratitude. How can we possibly thank God in an appropriate manner?


According to the Shulchan Aruch when we recite Psalm 100, known as Mizmor L’Todah (“Hymn of Thanksgiving”), we must actually sing it. It deserves nothing less. It is a psalm with amazing power, and we are told that in the End of Days all songs of praise will cease except for Mizmor L’Todah, just as all sacrifices will end, except for the thanksgiving offering.


Mizmor L’Todah is the moment when we acknowledge that not a day goes by when we don’t experience hundreds if not thousands of miracles. We may not always see them, but we know these miracles are happening constantly around us.


Tool Box


Use care when saying “Thank You.”

Expressions of gratitude should reflect the degree of the good received.


We benefit from God’s kindness in almost infinite ways.

Our demonstration of appreciation should be with humility; our words cannot possible express the magnitude of our debt.


Certain prayers are empowered beyond their basic text.

The strength of this psalm is beyond its words.


Shulchan Aruch 51:9.


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