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Mitzvah/Concept 3 God Is A Unity

To Know That God is a Unity

There is only one God.


God does not possess a body. A body implies limitation to a certain space.


This also includes the idea of Divine Simplicity: Whatever God wants, God wants with God’s entire being. We treat God as a whole being, not as a bifurcated being that you can call on one part to go against the other This also tells us that part of emulating God, (Mitzvah/Concept 11), is to know that we must be fully committed to our choices.


Only God truly exists.

One who draws his existence from another does not exist as an independent being. The only one who truly exists is the one who exists independently; this is God.


We cannot function without understanding and recognizing that when we speak of God, we’re speaking of our perceptions of God, not God as God is. And that’s why the nickname that we have for God is Hashem, the Name, meaning appellations we have given God, but not what God or who God truly is.

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