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Mitzvah 364 – Concept 75 Teshuvah Part Five

Between One Person and Another
Teshuva will not work for sins committed between one person and another. One must ask each person he has harmed for


forgiveness and then must ask God for forgiveness for hurting someone else. One must even ask forgiveness of those who have died. If they remember a specific sin, they must go to the grave with a minyan and ask for forgiveness.
“He will gather you in,” means that since the Jews are distant from each other, because there is hatred, jealousy and resentment, God Himself will have to grab each Jew by his hand and bring all of us back to Israel, one by one.1

1 This is Rabbi Yitzchak of Radvil’s, in his book, Mayim Rabim, elaboration of Rashi on this verse.

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