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Mishpatim: VaYidaber Moshe: Three Legs: Mitzvah 71 – Concept 421

“Three pilgrimage festivals shall you celebrate for Me during the year.” (Exodus 23:14) We are obligated to celebrate on the three Pilgrimage Festivals by bringing a Peace offering. (Rambam, Hilchot Chagigah – The Laws of The Pilgrimage Festivals)

These three festivals are referred to as Regalim, Pilgrimage, or, more accurately as Walking, because the three represent the three feet of the world, as in “The world stands on Torah, Avodah (Service) and Gemillut Chassadim (Acts of Compassion).

Pesach represents Service.

Shavuot represents Torah.

Succot represents compassion. (Rabbi Natan David of Partzuva – Vayidaber Moshe)

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