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Mishpatim: Sefer HaChinuch: Mitzvah 92 – Concept 195

“You shall not cook a kid in the milk of the mother.” (Exodus 23:19) We may not cook milk and meat together. (Rambam, Hilchot Ma’achalot Assurot – The Laws of Forbidden Foods)

There are two major themes that are learned out of basar v’chalav. The concept of keeping a very clear separation between that which represents life and that which represents death, and then the other idea is delayed gratification.

“Why does the Torah deliberately avoid the issue of eating?” asked the Sefer HaChinuch. And he says, “shenirah bazeh sh’ein issuro machmas nezek achilaso kelal,” obviously this is the Torah’s way of telling you that the reason for the prohibition has nothing to do with eating. It has nothing to do with danger in eating the two of them together, there is not a physical danger in eating the two of them together, otherwise it would have said do not eat the two together.

It simply means that you must not do two actions with the two of them together but keep them separate.

Keep your actions defined and focused.


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