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Mishpatim-Rav Hirsch: Spiritual Consistency: Mitzvah 90 – Concept 405

“You shall not offer the blood of My feast-offering upon leavened bread.” (Exodus 23:18) We may not slaughter the Pesach Offering while still in possession of leaven. (Rambam, Hilchot Korban Pesach – The Laws of the Pascal Offering)

Bedikat Chametz As An Exercise In Spiritual Consistentcy:
To bring the Pesach Offering in the Temple, and at the same time to have Chametz at home, expresses at the most, that one considered the people themselves, the members of the family, as belonging to, and dedicated to God, but, their lot in life, the material means of their living as being not dependent on God, neither thanks to Him, nor dedicated to Him.

This would be the most pernicious cleft and separation between home and Temple, and it is just the home, which is meant to be offered and dedicated in this offering. (Rabbi Samson R. Hirsch)

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