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Mishpatim: Malbim: Making Judgments: Mitzvah 87 – Concept 565

“Do not accept a bribe, for the bribe will blind those who see and corrupt words that are just. (Exodus 23:8) Judges must not accept bribes. (Rambam Hilchot Sanhedrin)

“Those who see,” are not simply wise men, but “Pikchim,” those who can see below the surface and comprehend far more than a wise person. Such sensitivity can be easily dulled by bribery and gifts. (Malbim)

Spiritual Tools: We are constantly judges: we make judgment calls about others, and about how to speak and act. We benefit from seeing more than surface information, and being sensitive to subtle points. The Yetzer Harah strives to confuse us with bribes, i.e. promises of the gifts and pleasures we will derive from listening to him.

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