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Mishpatim: HaKetav v’HaKabalah: Mitzvah 91 – Concept 406

“Nor may the fat of My festive offering remain overnight until morning.” (Exodus 23:18) We may not leave the intestines of the Pesach Offering overnight. (Rambam, Hilchot Korban Pesach – The Laws of The Pascal Offering)

Pesach As An Exercise In Focus:

The idea of Pesach is focus.

We focus as a family.

We focus as a group.

We focus as a nation.

We not only focus on who is involved, but we also focus on accomplishing the Mitzvah in a specific time frame. That is why we may not leave over any of the fat or intestines until the morning: We most focus all our efforts on completing the Mitzvah in a specific time. (Haketav V’Hakabbalah)

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