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Mishpatim: Gedulat Mordechai: Mitzvah 80 – Concept 566

“Do not accept a false report.” (Exodus 23:1) Judges must not accept testimony unless both parties are present. (Rambam, Hilchot Sanhedrin – The Laws of The Sanhedrin)
Treasuring Speech:
This law includes not listening to someone speaking Lishon Harah, negatively about someone else. We would be accepting testimony, and making a judgment call about another, without all parties present. (Chafetz Chaim – Introduction: Negative Commandments)

Treasuring Shema:
Do not read, “Lo tisa Sheima shav,” but “Lo tisa Shema shav,” do not recite a Shema that has any falsehood in it, such as a declaration of faith that is not heartfelt.  Rabbi Mordechai of Ohlik – Gedulat Mordechai)

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