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Mishnat Chachamim: Tehillim Chapter Four: “B’nei Ish”: The Importance of Studying Mishna

The 20th of Kislev is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Feivish of Kremenitz, the Mishnas Chachamim (1774) God gave us the Mishna – which spells out Neshama – as a gift to nurture and protect our souls. Each time we study Mishna we can draw on the spiritual strength of the Tanaim, the Sages of the Mishna. Those souls, in turn connect back to the Patriarchs as Rabbi Yehuda HaNassi – Hanassi – spells out the Soul of Jacob our Patriarch.

In our generation, when matters seem so dark and difficult, and our souls are challenged as never before, we must turn to the study of Mishna to nurture our souls and connect to all the generations of people who studied Mishna, the souls of the writers of the Mishna, and the Root Souls to which they were connected.

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