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Mishkenot Yaakov: The Fruit of My Suffering

The Sixth of Kislev is the Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Yaakov of Karlin, author of Mishkenot Yaakov. He died on November 17, 1844. The Mishna teaches that the reward corresponds to one’s


Many know of how much I have suffered. I have lost everything and been pushed from place to place. I must work harder at my learning because of the distractions of the enemies of Israel.

My pain  has been more than equaled by the gift I have received of being able to delve into the depths of Torah and discover truth.

Although, I alone am responsible for what I write and say, just as I am responsible for my development as a human being as I strive for perfection, I can not achieve wholeness without sharing all my insights and learning with others.

A person alone, can never be complete. His ultimate responsibility is to achieve clarity that can be shared with and inspire others. (Introduction to Mishkenot Yaakov)

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