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The 10th of Nisan is the Yahrtzeit of Miriam HaNavia: Let us explain the concept of death by means of the Divine Kiss: The Talmud applies this Death by Divine Kiss to Moses, Aaron, and Miriam (Bava Batra 17a). Our Sages said, “Rabbi Abahu gazed upon thirteen rivers of fragrant scent (Bereishit Rabbah 62:1).” That is, before his death he was shown the reward he would receive in the Future World for his service of God. So it is with all the righteous: before death they are led into the Future World, and their great reward is revealed to them.


Then, because of their great love and yearning for this reward, they remain their allies, not desiring to return to the world.

How right the Sieges were when they said, “The righteous even in death are called living (Berachot 18a),” by which they meant that when the righteous are about to die, they are called to the Future World to be shown their great reward.

Why is this so? In order to make them remain there while yet alive, as they are in this world.

This is what is meant by Death by Divine Kiss, for those who know the hidden wisdom in esoteric matters. Therefore, it cannot be said of the righteous that they died in this world; their death is primarily in the Future World, when the magnitude of their reward is revealed to them and they do not desire to return to the realm of human existence. (Kedushat Levi, Likkutim, page 107)

iPray-Taking It With You: “May it be Your will, God, our Lord and the Lord of our ancestors, that we observe Your decrees in This World, and merit that we live and see and inherit goodness and blessing in the years of Messianic times and for the life of the World to Come.”

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