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Miracles XII

“As in the days when you left Egypt I will show it wonders.” (Micah 7:15) The verse speaks of days and not a single day because the day we left Egypt was connected to 50 Gates of Miracles: The exodus is mentioned fifty times in the Torah. Fifty is the number of Binah, the Understanding of the entire Creation, the whole course of history. The day we left Egypt we had an opportunity to connect to Binah, which would have allowed us to understand our entire story. (Hashmatot Zohar, Volume I 261a)

Each miracle of Redemption is connected to the highest Gates of Binah. It is an opportunity to reflect on our entire history. The Chashmonaim were so aware of this concept that they instituted Chanukah for all future generations. They understood that its lessons applied for all of our history.

ToolboxWe do not focus on a single miracle on Chanukah, but on the miracle of our entire history. Chanukah is our opportunity to remember that every part of our story is connected, and that one day we will be granted the Binah to understand our story.

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