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Chanukah: Miracles IV

“God, You are my Lord; I will exalt You, I will give thanks to Your Name, for You have done wondrously; Your plans from the distant past were kept with firm faithfulness.” (Isaiah 25:1) The Zohar (Volume 1 73a) explains that there is a level of Service and Praise of God defined as, “For You have done wondrously.” This is the level of someone who can find and praise God’s “wonders” in everything that happens. Such a person merits to live with increasing miracles.

The Chashmonaim would not have merited to have their small supply of oil burn for so long had they not lived at the level of “For You have done wondrously.” They would not even have found the one jar of pure oil if they searched without a sense of Wonders.

Spiritual ToolboxChanukah is a time of wondrous blessing for human effort for those who achieve, “For You have done wondrously.” We can prepare for Chanukah by finding all the Wonders in our lives, and practicing living with that awareness of, “For You have done wondrously.”

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