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Miracles III

“There are three that are beyond me (‘nifli’u,’ as in ‘Peleh,’ or, wonder) and a fourth I do not know.” (Proverbs 30:18) The Vilna Gaon understands this verse as Shlomo Hamelech expressing his frustration over the things he once perceived and understood that are no beyond him. He can no longer grasp them.

The ‘Peleh,” or wonder, is the key to recapturing the ideas we once perceived but lost.

Chanukah, the time of miracles, has special Shefa, Divine Influence, of miracles. This verse describes the miracle of being able to recapture great moments, ideas and insights that we have lost. Even a year after the Chanukah story, after they had experienced numerous defeats, the people held onto their Chanukah experience. It was only then, a year later, when the Sages instituted the new holiday. They sent a message to the people who would live though the thousands of years of exile, not to focus on the greatness lost, but to rejoice in the fact that it is always ready to be grasped again.

Reconnect with moments of achievement since last Chanukah with an appreciation of the Peleh that allows us to regain those feelings and insights.

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