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Mind Games

Mind Games

Mind Games

Did you hear the one about the guy who walks into the throne room of the most powerful emperor on earth and say, “My God demands that you destroy your economy and acknowledge His power?” The emperor says, “Who let this guy in? Whoever it was, kill him!”
You haven’t heard it, well, neither have I. In fact, that is not exactly what happened. Yes, Moshe did walk enter and make demands, but Pharaoh deals with it strategically and makes things worse for the Children of Israel.

How did Moshe get into the palace for the second time for his ill-fated snake trick? He claims to be speaking for the Greatest Power and all he can pull off is the old stick turns into snake trick! Harry Potter could do that.

What was Pharaoh thinking this entire time? Would a powerful emperor allow someone into his palace to threaten him?

I can imagine his adopted grandson, Moshe being allowed into Pharaoh for the first time in 40 or more years since grandpa wanted Moshe dead. We do not read of Pharaoh trying to kill Moshe. I would have.

Did his astrologers not tell him that someone would come to topple him? Did Moshe not fit all the criteria? What was Pharaoh thinking?

Pharaoh was intrigued. Moshe walks in, claiming to speak for this Infinite Power, and yet, the Power wants Pharaoh to cooperate. The Power is not threatening to force the freedom. God wants Pharaoh to grant his permission. Why?

If God has such power, why is he even asking me?
Pharaoh was intrigued. Moshe was granted entry to the throne room.

That is exactly how God “strengthened” Pharaoh’s heart, long before God “hardened” the king’s will.

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