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Midrash Esther XII-A Sense of Permanence

“When the King sat.” Rabbi Isaac said: The other nations have no permanent seat, they lack tranquility, prosperity, and security. They cited in objection the verse, “when the King Achashveirosh sat.” Rabbi Isaac replied: It is not written here “in the sitting,” but “as sitting,” as if to say, a seat which was yet no seat. But the seat of Israel  is a real seat, as it says, “While Israel dwelt in Cheshbon (Judges 11:26).”


We have already discussed Achashveirosh’s insecurities and his lack of stability. This Midrash carries a message to the Jews who would suffer the travails of the long exile. It promises them that no matter what they see when observing people with power over them, they should know that no power is permanent. In fact, the only permanence is that promised by God, the permanence He promised to Israel in the Land of Israel at the time of Redemption.

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