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Midot Hayom: Day 25: Netzach in Netzach

A student should not sit in your presence on a couch, a chair or a bench. Instead he should sit before you on the floor. He should take in every word you say with fear, awe, dread, and trembling. Avot of Rabbi Nathan 6:1

The instructions are for the Rebbi, not the student. The idea is not to teach the student how to act, but the Rebbi how to teach. The Rebbi should expect certain behavior of his student. I imagine that the same principle applies to a parent. When the Rebbi teaches Torah he must always have in mind that he is giving over something eternal, something much greater than himself. He must convey the sense of eternality to his student so that the student will take in every word with fear, awe, dread and trembling. The eternal Torah must be given over with its eternality permeating every word.

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