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Midot Hayom: Day 22: Chesed in Netzach

“Let your house be a meeting place for sages.” How should one fulfill this? A person’s house should be open for the sages and their students and the students’ students, so that it becomes well known and people say: “I’ll meet you at the place of so and so.” Another interpretation: When a Torah scholar asks you to teach him, teach him if you are able to do so, otherwise, let him go away immediately. Avot of Rabbi Nathan 6:1


There is a difference between making your home a place for a specific Rebbi and allowing it to become a place that is “open for the sages and their students and the students’ students. The former may be known as “The house where Rabbi So and So teaches”. The latter is a home where students will study thinking that one day they too may be able to teach there. The Chesed of the home is not only its openness and availability for Torah study, but is even stronger in its nurturance of generations of students and future teachers. Our approach to Torah study and teaching must be so rooted in its eternality that people are influenced to strive for great achievements in Torah

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