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Midot Hayom: Day 20: Yesod in Tiferet

“Despise positions of leadership.” What does this imply? A man should not run for a position of leadership; instead let others appoint him to the post. Rabbi Akiva says; To what can one who promotes himself because of his Torah knowledge, be compared? To a carcass dumped on the road; every passerby puts his hand to his nose, turning from it and walking away. Rabbi Yose says; Lower yourself, and you will be exalted; exalt yourself and you will be lowered. Whoever exalts himself for his Torah knowledge will be lowered, and whoever lowers himself for the sake of Torah, will be exalted. Avot of Rabbi Nathan 11:2


Torah is the ultimate tool to balance the upper and lower worlds. It connects the two worlds and allows a person to connect to heaven even as he lives in this world. One who makes his Torah his own, who uses his learning for himself, disturbs the balance. He uses the power of Torah for this earth, thus, disturbing the balance. One who is loyal to the Torah, and does not see it as his, but as a gift from God, uses the Torah as it should be used, and will taste heaven even in this life. He will be exalted.

We cannot take selfish pride in our learning or the Mitzvot taught by the Torah. We must constantly be aware that Torah is a gift from God to be able to experience Heaven.

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