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Midot Hayom: Day 8: Chesed in Gevurah

A person is different than his neighbor in three ways: in voice, taste and appearance. God gave each person a different voice. Had He not done so there would be great immortality in the world. A man would leave his house at night and another man would enter his home and take his wife. Therefore, God gave each person his own distinctive voice. God gave each person a taste different from that of his neighbor. Had He not done so, people would envy each other for everyone would hanker for the same thing. Therefore, God gave each person his own taste that differs from his neighbor’s taste. God made each person look different from anyone else. Had he done so, women would not recognize their husbands, and men would not recognize their wives. Therefore, God made them look different. Avot of Rabbi Nathan 4:6

This Midah is a celebration of the differences between human beings. We constantly make judgments about others, usually, immediately upon meeting them. When we actually celebrate the differences as a gift from God, we will be less likely to judge others as different. We can actually use the differences to appreciate others and be more sensitive to their needs.

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