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Midot Hayom 5770 Day 12: Hod in Gevurah

“Isaac went out to supplicate in the field “(Genesis 24:63). This was the very field that Abraham had purchased near the cave [of Machpelah]. When Isaac entered it, he would see the divine presence resting there and [smell the] heavenly fragrances

[that] wafted from it. That is why he prayed there, and it was designated [as a place of] prayer (Zohar 2:39b).

Abraham instituted the morning prayers. Isaac, who represents the attribute of Gevurah/Din, which is always associated with specificity, continued his father’s practice, and created his specific form of prayer, “supplication in the field.” He wanted a form of prayer that reflected his service of God.

Isaac sensed the spiritual power of the place and transformed the Field of Machpelah into a place of prayer and its specific effect on him. He connected the field’s Hod, Inner Beauty, with his specific form of prayer. He used Hod to direct his Gevurah.

When a parent or teacher must stand firm with a child or student, they must direct their Din or judgment based on the Hod, the Inner Beauty of the child.

When a person wants to find ways to express his specific forms of Service of God, he must be sure that his actions reflect and take advantage of his surroundings. Most of us naturally do this when choosing a synagogue in which to pray.

We often rebuke people for doing something wrong, meaning we use our judgment, without considering the best way for the person to receive our message. We use Gevurah/Din without Hod.

Many of us want to express what we think rather than focus on how our words will be received. We express our judgment without Hod.

There are times we believe that we know better than the other what is best for him or her because we base our judgments on our own experience rather than the needs and experiences of the person we are, in effect, judging. Gevurah/Din without Hod.


Rather than focus on your own agenda when dealing with someone else, such as a child, focus on the best way to nurture their Hod or Inner Beauty.

Do not speak your mind in order to say whatever you want, try to express your ideas in a manner that the listener can understand and accept them.

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