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Midot Hayom 32: Netzach in Hod

Teach the members of your household humility. Why? If a humble man, whose family members are also humble, goes overseas, he will pray: “I gratefully thank You, God, my Lord, that my wife does not quarrel with others.” He is not afraid and his mind is at ease until he returns. However, if one is not humble and the members of his family are quick tempered, and he prays that his wife does not quarrel with others, his heart is fearful and his mind is not settled until he returns. Avot of Rabbi Nathan 7:2

Is this actually a reason to teach my family humility? There must be better reasons for humility than the ability to relax about potential conflicts between my family and others while I travel. The Rabbis are not only teaching us why we should teach humility, they are teaching that a prayer for am arrogant person not to argue with others will fail, and they are also offering an insight into the quality of humility: Only the humble home is secure and stable. The members of the family will not be self-absorbed, and will reflect only the honor of the family.

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