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Parsha Mitzvot: Metzorah: Mitzvah 181 – Concept 454

“When a woman has a discharge; her discharge from he flesh being blood, she shall be in her state of separation for a seven-day period and anyone who touches her shall remain impure until the evening (Vayikra 15:19).” We are commanded to observe the laws of menstrual impurity (Rambam, Hilchot Metamei Mishkav u’Moshav – The Laws of Impurity of Reclining and Sitting).


Seeing that within the woman is the Vessel of Formation of another human being, one must always conduct oneself with her in a state of purity, and for her to be able to receive its soul in a state of purity (Rabbeinu Bachya)

A man who sees women only in terms of physical attraction, without focusing on the purity of a relationship, makes himself impure. It affects his entire Spiritual life.

However, a man who perceives and treat a relationship with a woman as offering the opportunity of creating in purity, new life and possibilities, has achieved a higher Spiritual development.

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