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Parsha Mitzvot: Metzorah: Mitzvah 176 – Concept 439

“On the eighth day, he shall take two unblemished male lambs and one unblemished ewe in its first year, three tenth-ephah of fine flour mixed with oil, and one log of oil (Vayikra 14:10).” A Metzorah must bring an offering after going to the Mikvah (Rambam, Hilchot Mechusarei Kaparah – The Laws of the Offerings of Those Lacking Atonement).


The Metzorah has already undergone a long and complicated process of purification, and yet, he is still considered as lacking atonement; he must do more. This is to teach us that the process of atonement for speaking evil of others is never quite complete; the person must always search for more ways to undo the damage he caused. The commitment to always find more and better ways to heal the ruptures he caused is an essential part of his atonement process (Rabbi Menachem ha-Bavli).

He did not do Teshuvah before the physical signs of Tzara’at; it was the physical affliction which led to his Teshuva; this is why he must bring offerings when he is healed: He needs atonement for not being aware or driven to repair and restore his relationship with God without the added suffering (Chatam Sofer)

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