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Shema: Megilat Setarim: A Vessel to Receive Light

“While studying Torah, in middle of the day, suddenly a great light fell on me. The house became filled with light, a marvelous light, the Divine Presence resting there. This was the first time in my life that I had some little taste of His light, may He be blessed.


“Afterwards, I fell down once again for a time, so I came to realize that I must journey to the Tzaddikim who would draw down His light, Blessed is He, upon me, since I already had a refined vessel with which to receive the light. (Rabbi Yitzchak Safrin, Megilat Setarim, translated by Louis Jacobs in Jewish Mystical Testimonies, page 240)”

“Enlighten our eyes in Your Torah,” help us become refined vessels to receive Your light when studying Torah.

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