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Hallel: Megaleh Amukot: Hidden Enemies

In the Hallel, we sing: “God is with me for those who help me, and I will face my foes”. ‘Those who help me’ refers to those who hate me, but hide who they are by saying that they love

me, and are helping me. This is far worse than those who are openly my enemies. Of the obvious enemies, I say “I will face my foes”; I recognize who they are and am cautious around them (Megaleh Amukot, Vayishlach).

Whether we are referring to actual people or to our internal enemies, those who conceal themselves behind the mask of friendship are likely to be the most damaging.

Sometimes, people pretend to assist others, while at the same time, they are ready to stab them in the back.

Other times, the ‘help’ itself is what ends up being destructive because it makes the recipients become dependent and takes away from their dignity and sense of worth.

Of all hidden enemies, the most astute and the most dangerous is our evil inclination. It excels at masquerading as someone who deeply cares about us and who desires our good, forces us to let our guard down and strikes when we are at our most vulnerable.

At this point in the Hallel, we ask God to battle the enemies that are difficult to identify. With God’s help, we can unmask them, and then, “I will face my foes”. Then, when their evil is revealed, we can see them for what they are and confront them.

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