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Marbeh L’Sapair: 15 Steps of the Seder

The 30th of Nissan is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Nesanel Weill, Av Beis Din of Karlsruhe and author of Korban Nesanel (1769). On October 17, 1750, he was elected to be Oberland- rabbiner for both Markgrafschaften of Baden-Durlach

and Baden- Baden, and also all of the Unterlande. His son, Rav Yedidya Taya Weil, is the author of the Hagadah Marbeh Lesaper, which is dedicated to King Karl Friedrick.

The fifteen steps of the Seder are actually 15 steps in the Service of God: (I list three examples)

1. Kadeish Urchatz: First one must Sanctify himself by turning away from evil, and then be proactive in achieving greater heights. You must purify yourself before you wash otherwise you are as someone who dips in the Mikvah even while olding an impure object in his hand.

2. Karpas hints that we must avoid too many “Karim U’kisasot,” pillows and blankets. We must be willing to bear discomfort in our study of Torah and service of God.

3. Yachatz alludes to the fact that we must break our day into sections and devote one third to Tanach, one third to Mishna and ne third to Gemara.

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