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Morning Blessings: Making It Forever

“The beginning of wisdom is the fear of God; good understanding to all their practitioners; His praise endures forever (Psalms 111:10).” The Mishna in Avot (3:11) teaches, “Rabbi Chanina ben Dosa says, anyone whose fear of sin takes priority over his wisdom, his wisdom will endure.”


We each have our individual strengths and potential. However, the power to do something enduring with the gifts God has given us is in our hands when we choose to live with Awe of God.

It is at this early step in our morning blessings that we remind ourselves that the success of the day depends on our Awe of God. It is my practice to recite the following prayer before I recite this verse, “I accept on myself the constant Mitzvah of Awe of God, so that all my words, thoughts and actions will be guided by that Awe.”

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