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The 13th of Nisan is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Yosef Karo: First of all you must take care never to allow your thoughts to dwell on anything other than the Mishnah, the Torah and the precepts. If any other thought enters your heart, Cast it away.


Take care to have no other thought in mind during prayer, only the words of the prayers, not even thoughts about the Torah and the mitzvot.

Take care never to speak an unnecessary word, whether by day or by night.

Take care never to speak anything that leads to joking laughter and if you hear such, don’t laugh. This includes the admonition never to scoff at all.

Never lose your temper over merely material things.

Take care to eat no meat for 40 days. On the Shabbat you can eat a little meat. Do not eat horseradish.

Drink no wine during these days except for a single drink at the end of the meal.

Be gentle in your applies to all people.

Never be proud. Be exceedingly humble in spirit.

When you are at meals and experiences special longing for some food or drink, desist from it. If you do this, it will be as if you offered a sacrifice at each meal and your table will be a veritable altar upon which you slaughter the Evil Inclination.

Do not drink the wine at meals in a single gulp and take care of how you measure it out. Be not afraid that this may affect your eyesight. On the contrary, both your eyesight and your strength will increase.

Have little further to do with the pleasures of eating and drinking. Do not make a habit of eating a particular food that you especially enjoy. Substitute for it, rather, another type of food from which you do not derive such enjoyment. (Moral Instructions of the Maggid Meisharim)

Spiritual-Tools-Challenge-SederHaggadah: Can you find ways to practice each of these instructions at the Seder?

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