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Machaneh Dan: Using Kiddush Properly

The 6th of Adar is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Daniel (ben Binyamin Wolf) Prostitz (1759-1846). Rav of Pressburg and colleague of the Chasam Sofer. Appropriately, he was buried near the Chasam Sofer. His chidushim on Maseches Pesachim were published under the name Machaneh Dan.


The combination of wine and speech teaches us how to properly use the Shabbat Kiddush: When we wonder how can something physical can become holy, we look at how grapes can become something so valuable and special by how they are carefully processed. Physical things take on new character.

The Torah teaches us to use our speech over the wine to declare the holiness of Shabbat. Words, too, can be transformed from grapes to wine if properly nurtured and guarded.

The sign of an effective Kiddush is how well it reminds us to use our speech only for holy matters. The Kiddush should remain on our minds and lips for the entire Shabbat in the form of extra care for our words.

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