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Hallel: Ma’ariv Pesach: Consecration IV

We sing the fourth paragraph as part of the song that will make us free, as if we were singing while offering the original Pesach Offering, the mitzvah that earned us the merit to be freed:


“The people bowed their heads and prostrated themselves (Exodus 12:27).” They bowed and prostrated in joy over the news that they would settle in Israel and have future generations (Rashi)

They understood as they offered their Pesach that all they were doing would lead to more blessing, and they sang:

“God remembered us and will bless – Bless the House of Israel – Bless the House of Aaron – Bless those who are in awe of God, the insignificant with the great.

God will enhance you – you and your children.

You are blessed to God Who made the heavens and the earth.

The heavens are God’s, while the earth has been given to people.

The dead do not praise the Creator of Worlds, nor do those who go down to their doom. But we – we praise the Creator of Worlds – From now and forever –


We sing this pre-Seder Hallel with the same sense that each step of the Seder will open pipes of Infinite Blessing.

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