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Living in the Post-Khomeitz Age

So, everybody knows that Nisan is the month of Mokhin d’Gadlut, a high mind. As R’ Shlomo put it, this is the time to set aside all pettiness, the little bit of Khomeitz that prevents us from ascending to all the high levels that G-d wishes to bestow upon us.


Khomeitz puffs everything up, complicating our desires to achieve a direct relationship with The One Above by injecting all sorts of excuses that we jump upon, that keep us that one step from attaining our spiritual goals.

When we perform our spiritual Khomeitz obliteration before entering the Holiness of Pesakh, we strive for the Matzah level of connecting to G-d, that simple directness of just flour and water with no puffery. This hearkens us back to conceptual participation in being redeemed from Mitrayim, when there were no walls between Ahm Yisrael and G-d.

On the one hand we were commanded to be ready, b’Kheepazone, ready to jump out of Mitzrayim at the stroke of midnight when the Egyptian Firstborn were smitten; yet on the other hand we only left Mitrayim b’Etzem HaYom HaZeh, in the full-blown light of the day. =>Why then the need for b’Kheepazone?

This is the message for the yidn till Moshiakh is coming – In our Service to G-d we have to be on the level of NO excuses, to be ready to jump out of our skins to do what has to be done. And if , as G-d is running the world, we have to hurry up and wait – so be it.

So, we strive to be on the Matzah level of interacting with G-d; Khomeitz is bad, so it would seem.

Well, if that’s the case, how do we understand that immediately after Pesakh we revert to a Khomeitz-like existence?

I’d like to suggest that our Matzah interlude of connecting to G-d on a direct level has scrambled the molecular structure of our pre-Pesakh Khomeitz-like existence.

Whereas, before Pesakh we were prone to all the different excuses to not do the right thing, post-Pesakh we access the Mokhin d’Gadlut to find all the different excuses to do the right thing and sideline the distractions.

In other words we turn the Khomeitz (Khet Mem Tzadi ח מ צ) on its head to achieve true growth (Tzaki Mem Khet צ מ ח) as G-d promises us ‘ Ci Hin’nee meivee et avdee Tzemakh’ ==> if we will serve G-d with immediacy He will send Moshiakh ,Tzemakh.,  may it be soon.

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