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Living in Forgiveness

During the late 1940s, India was engulfed in religious wars as the nation prepared for independence from Great Britain. A Hindu whose son was murdered by Muslims during the internal strife went to see Mahatma Gandhi and asked, “How can I possibly forgive the Muslims? How can I ever find peace again with so much hate in my heart for those who have killed my only son?”

Gandhi suggested that the man adopt an orphaned enemy child and raise him as his own.

We need to forgive so that we can live whole lives. Forgiveness is the way to heal our hurts and wounds, it’s how we reconnect with others and ourselves. We have all been hurt—we didn’t deserve the pain, but were wounded nonetheless. And, if truth be told, we have almost certainly hurt others. The problem isn’t that hurt that keeps on hurting. We go through life accumulating these hurts; we have no training or guidance in how to let them go. This is where forgiveness comes in.

We have a choice to live in forgiveness or unforgiveness.

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